Our Brand

Generation Calls was developed to bring quality custom calls to the passionate hunter, for generations to come. Each call is hand made in the USA with our satisfaction guaranteed. Each call is serial numbered so we can help you track your successful hunts & memories.  Our exclusive "Leaderboard" on the back of the call is designed to allow you to recall & reminisce those memories in the field. Simply harvest an animal, send it back to us and we'll engrave the highlights of the hunt on the call FREE of charge. 


1. Purchase any model of Generation Call

2. Use in the field

3. Harvest an animal

4. Send back to us & we'll engrave the details of the hunt/harvest free of charge. (we encourage a brief summary and photos)

5. Repeat

About Generation Calls

Our team at Generation Calls was developed to help bring extremely high quality calls, service and passion to our sportsmen and women. Our calls are intended to be used from generation to generation, year after year. Our approachable style allows users to interact with our company, swap stories and promote this passionate outdoor community we all belong to. Made in the USA with our satisfaction guarantee.